Monday, May 19, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Whack With Poo Brain

{Press Sample}

Remember my post on ellagee's Chronic Badass and collaboration box with Digital Nails last week? Well, today I have the Digital Nails polish from the box! 

Whack With Poo Brain is a pastel purple jelly polish with white, black, lavender, and pink circle glitters. There is also iridescent glitter (blue to purple shifting), which is my absolute favorite part of this polish! It adds such a gorgeous dimension to this already pretty polish. I did three coats since this polish is a jelly and therefore, less opaque than a cream polish. I was pleased with how smoothly it went on, considering there's so much packed into this polish! Whack With Poo Brain was easy to work with and I love how it turned out! Remember, this amazing collab box is $20 and can be purchased using the link above! Enjoy! :)

Digital Nails Whack With Poo Brain

Digital Nails Whack With Poo Brain
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