Thursday, June 26, 2014

Indie Spotlight: ellagee's I Have ESPN Box

I moved 1,200 miles about a year ago and ended up meeting two women who became great friends. They've been there for me and supported me a lot this year. I love them dearly and wanted to do something special for them as the school year came to a close. I worked with Laura from ellagee to make them some custom nail polishes! She has also decided to sell the polishes we created in the near future, so I have them to show you today!

Since my friends and I love Mean Girls, the polishes in this box are named after phrases in the movie! Hear Me Roar is the first polish in this box, but it has been renamed (just for the box) On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. This polish is my favorite polish of all time, which is saying a lot coming from someone with a collection like mine! :)

The next polish in this box is Boo, You Whore! This teal holographic and shimmery polish is gorgeous! It was perfect in two coats just like Roar, its sister polish. 

Finally, the glitter top coat of the box is So Fetch! Fetch is a clear base with silver holographic, black, and purple glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes, including stars and circles! This box is currently in my giveaway, so be sure to enter it! Enjoy! :)

ellagee So Fetch!

Mean Girls Nail Polish

ellagee Boo You Whore

ellagee On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

ellagee I Have ESPN Collection
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