Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nail Art Skittles

I really love the nails I have for you today! Nail art is a lot of fun, but when I'm feeling burned out on it, I love going for nail art skittles! The basic concept is that each nail is different and really can be whatever you want it to be! When I do skittles, I like to have one nail that's a little more complicated, and then four really easy nails that won't take a ton of time.

For my pinkie nail, I did two coats of Zoya Arizona followed by one coat of Zoya Alma. 

For my ring nail, I did two coats of Zoya Rooney followed by dots in Color Club Harp On It. I did these dots using a large dotting tool. 

My my middle nail, I did two coats of Color Club Harp On It. When that was dry, I added striping tape all over my nail and then used a nail art brush to polish in the exposed polish. I used Zoya Rooney, Ling, Tilda, and Alma for the exposed polish before pulling off the striping tape.

Finally, on my index nail, I polished two coats of Zoya Ling. I finished it up with large dots of Color Club Harp On It. Enjoy! :)
Nail Art Skittles

Easy Nail Art

Summer Nails


  1. I love these! Your polka dots are perfect and your middle nail design is awesome too. So much detail and color to it.

  2. This is such a fun a playful mani! I love the bold happy colors and the little orange sunshiney pinky finger to add some glitter. My favorite nail though has to be the middle finger with the geometrics.


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