Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Distressed Nails

I'm obsessed with distressed nails. They're just so fun and easy to do! I have a really subtle version of distressed nails for you today!

I began with a base of two coats of China Glaze If In Doubt, Surf It Out. It's a fabulous peachy orange that's perfect for spring and summer! Once that was dry, I distressed it using China Glaze Feel the Breeze and Sun Upon My Skin. This light pink and light yellow accented the peach perfectly, adding just a subtle hint of nail art. These were gorgeous on their own, but I had to spice them up just a liiiiiiiiittle! :) I added one coat of ellagee's Rainbow Syrup to give them a faint shimmer indoors and some beautiful holo-y awesomeness outdoors! I loved these so much, I even did them on my toes! Hehehe! Don't worry, there isn't a picture to prove this! Enjoy! :)

Summer Nails

Summer Nail Art

Distressed Nails

China Glaze Off Shore Collection


  1. This is pretty and so summery! I like that the distressed design is kind of subtle here too.

  2. That's pretty. I actually like that it is subtle and not in your face. That draws more interest because you have to look twice or look closer to notice the detail.

  3. RAINBOW SYRUP ALL THE THINGS!!! Lol I'm so glad you're getting in on my life motto :-) Beautiful nails!!


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