Thursday, August 28, 2014

China Glaze's Pop Top Collection

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I was so exited when these polishes showed up on my doorstep because they are all well loved China Glaze polishes! The best part was that I didn't have a lot of them! My favorite thing about this collection is that you could get it and have a really diverse collection with lots of possible combinations. This collection consists of two solid colors (a cream and a shimmer), and six glitter polishes in a clear base. For the ease of showing all of the polishes to you, I polished the solid colors for my bases and then used a few glitters over them, kind of like a skittle mani. 

First up, I began with a base of White on White. This is a classic white cream polish. Honestly, a white cream is a must in every polish collection. I keep multiple bottles of my favorites on hand, but this was one white polish I've never used before. I was really pleased with it because it was easy to apply, didn't go on streaky, and became opaque with two coats. Since my usual go-to is Zoya Purity, I was really pleased that I enjoyed this one so much! It's much easier for me to find near where I live, and it's also reasonably priced! 

On top of White on White I did Pizzazz (index and ring), I Pink I Can (middle), and Your Present Required (pinkie). All glitters show one coat. Each of them was very easy to apply, and didn't give me any clumping issues. Pizzazz is definitely my favorite of all of these glitters, simply because it's so much more dense and colorful than the others! 

China Glaze Pop Top Collection

China Glaze Pizzazz

This next one is definitely my favorite of these two manis! The base is Heart of Africa, which may be my new favorite deep red shimmer. OH MY GOSH. She's just so so gorgeous! I ended up leaving my pinkie nail glitter-less so that you could see her in all of her glory, by herself. I did two coats of Heart of Africa, which was smooth and easy to apply.

I then used Fairy Dust (index), Luxe and Lush (middle), and Techno (ring). Fairy Dust and Luxe and Lush are the only polishes I owned prior to receiving this collection. As far as Fairy Dust is concerned, let me just say, I have a backup of my backup because, well, she's just amazing! Seriously, you can spice up any mani with Fairy Dust and make it that much prettier! All glitters show one coat. Luxe and Lush is the only one that can be a little difficult to use because it's shredded glitter. Which ones of these are your favorites? Enjoy! :)

China Glaze Techno

China Glaze Fairy Dust
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