Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stone Nail Art

I saw some awesome nails on instagram the other day and, of course, I can't remember what account I saw them on! Boo! However, the artist had achieved the nail art look by working with wet polish. I decided to give it a shot and while it isn't a total fail, it didn't turn out as awesome as I had hoped. I will definitely be trying these again. Soon. 

I began with a base of one coat of Zoya Veronica, a gorgeous red wine cream from Zoya's new Entice Collection. I have to tell you, I was struck by how beautiful this polish is. It's a perfect wine color, and it's just so so WOW. So after I had my first layer of Veronica on, I grabbed my large dotting tool, and dropped some polish onto paper next to me. For this polish I used Zoya Sansa (GoT!), an eggplant purple polish with gold shimmer. This beauty comes from the new Ignite Collection, and she too is fabulous! When Sansa was on the paper, I polished a thick coat of Veronica on my nails and, while it was still wet, dotted thick blobs on Sansa all over my nails. I was generous with the amount of polish in my blobs, and I went in a counterclockwise fashion, starting in the bottom corner of my nail. You have to work fast because the premise is that the wet blob of polish will expand in the wet polish on your nail. As I continued this on my other hand, I discovered that a thicker coat of Veronica led to better blob spreading. If you do it correctly, your blobs will kind of form around one another, making it look like a stone walkway. A few of my blobs achieved this, but not many of them.

If you give these a try, make sure you let me know! Enjoy! :)

Zoya Veronica

Zoya Sansa

Easy Nail Art
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