Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tetris Nails

I need to preface this post by apologizing for my inability to stamp straight! Hahaha! Stamping and I have a long history of annoying one another. It takes a lot of practice, and usually frustration. I find that by the time I'm stamping my tenth nail, it's so much better than the first one. So you're going to have to forgive my crooked stamping!

Ok, onto the nails! I began with two coats of ellagee Trenzalore, a really light blue grey polish with soft scattered holo. I then polished on one coat of ellagee Glass. This step isn't vital, but I do it so that if I mess up a stamp, I can quickly swipe remover over the stamp and remove it without destroying the base color. Once Glass was dry, I used Konad Black to stamp on a tetris design from Vivid Lacquer's VL 002 plate. Then, using a small nail art brush, I polished on the color! I used ellagee Ruby Glass, Sulphur Glass, Manganese Glass, Cobalt Glass, and Chromium Glass. Enjoy! :)

Tetris Nails

Tetris Nail Art

Vivid Lacquer Tetris Stamping Plate
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