Thursday, August 21, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux {The Browns}

{Press Sample}

Zoya recently released a second set of neutrally colored polishes. While neutral colors aren't normally my thing, I appreciate the effort Zoya has made to produce more work appropriate nail polish colors. I'm lucky that I can wear pretty much anything to work, but I know others don't have that luxury. That being said, Zoya's second neutral collection, Naturel Deux, is available now!

Their first collection focused on lighter skin tones and rose colored polishes. This collection has been darkened to focus on darker skin tones and darker rose colored polishes.  I have the browns from this collection to show you today! All of the polishes in this collection are creams and they are all shown using two coats. As can be expected from Zoya, the formula is flawless. All of these polishes were smooth and creamy, with no application issues whatsoever. These polishes can be purchased at salons, Ulta, and online! Enjoy! :)

Zoya Spencer is the lightest of the browns. This polish is very coffee/caramel-ish to me.

Zoya Spencer

Zoya Spencer Swatch

Zoya Chanelle is the medium shade of the three brown polishes. Zoya describes her as a toasted almond cream color.

Zoya Chanelle

Zoya Chanelle Swatch

Finally, Zoya Emilia is the darkest of the trio. This polish is super chocolatey, reminding me of a dark chocolate bar.

Zoya Emilia

Zoya Emilia Swatch
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