Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dry Marbled Nails

Ugh, I have been SUCKING at posting words with my photos! AHHHHH! If you happen to come across a post without words, just remember I'm teaching and changing lives, bahahaha! ;) 

Today I have some fun dry marble nails! This is my first time doing these and I have to say, I loved the simplicity of this type of nail art! They were so easy and awesome! I began with one coat of KBShimmer's How You Dune on my ring and pinkie nails and Hugs & Wishes on my index and middle fingers. HOLY CRAP. Talk about some awesome cream polishes. Whoa. I could've left them alone at one coat and they would've been opaque. 

Once my nails were mostly dry, I polished half of my nail with the original color, and the other half with KBShimmer's Stonewashed. I did this one nail at a time, and I made these coats a little thicker. As soon as I had both halves of polish on my nail, I used my thin nail art brush to drag a zig zag pattern down the middle of my nail. I repeated this on each nail! I can't wait to do these again! I hear some fall colors calling my name! Enjoy! :)

Dry Marble Nails

Dry Marble Nail Art

KBShimmer Fall 2014
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