Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Heebee GEEbee Pumpkin

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I really love being a member of indie groups on Facebook. Of course, my favorite group is ellagee's! DUH! :) One perk of being a member of these groups is having the opportunity to buy group exclusive polishes at a discounted price! Laura has made three group exclusives so far, and today I have the most recent one! If you aren't a member of ellagee's fan group, you should definitely join! 

Heebee GEEbee Pumpkin is a creamy orange holographic polish! Laura made it available with or without black hex glitter. She also included a little baggie of black glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes! I opted to get the holo polish without any glitter. Then, I added some of the black hexes to my pinkie to show what it would look like with them in the polish. I also made an adorable punkin face with some of the black triangle glitter that came in the baggie! I did two coats of Heebee GEEbee with one coat of Glass on top! Enjoy! :) 
ellagee Heebee GEEbee Pumpkin

ellagee Heebee GEEbee Pumpkin

ellagee Heebee GEEbee Pumpkin

ellagee Heebee GEEbee Pumpkin

1 comment:

  1. What a pretty orange holo this is. I like how soft it looks too. Cute that you added that pumpkin face.


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