Saturday, September 6, 2014

Neon Jellyfish Nails

Remember my jellyfish nails from August? Here's my second set! 

I had to admit that I was really frustrated with these at first. When I began using my acrylic paints, they weren't showing up well. I finally realized that I wasn't allowing them to sit long enough, so don't make the same mistake I did! Since the base for these is black, they just needed longer to set than my last set of jellyfish nails. Just experiment with different amounts of time on one nail until you settle on a look you like best!

I began with two coats of KBShimmer's Eclipse, a nice black cream. Then, using neon acrylic paint, I made my watery bubbles. I used neon purple, pink, yellow, green, and orange. If you want more info on this technique, click my jellyfish link above. That'll take you to my last post where I explained it. Once I was done with all of my bubbles, I added one coat of top coat! Despite my initial frustration, I LOVE how these turned out! They just look so fun! What do you think? Would you take the time to do these? Enjoy! :)

Jellyfish Nails

Neon Nail Art

Bubble Nail Art
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