Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Work Appropriate Dotticure

Thought of the day: I've decided that neutral colored polish makes my skin look funny! All of these Zoya Nautrel Deux polishes make me look...yellow? Lifeless? I don't know...

Neutral colored polishes always challenge me because I'm just not a neutral polish person. I love bright polishes, colorful polishes, you get the idea. But I was beginning a summer school program and wanted to make a good initial impression. So, I did some easy and subtle nail art with some of the new Naturel Deux polishes!

I began with two coats of Zoya Madeline, a dusty, muted rose cream polish. Once she was dry, I used Zoya Aubrey and Marnie to add some dots around the tip, side, and top of my nail. I did different sized dots and made a crescent moon shape. Aubrey is the lighter color of the two dotted colors. Enjoy! :)

Work Appropriate Nails

Work Nail Art

Zoya Naturel Deux Nail Art

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