Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jellyfish Nail Art Tutorial

A few people requested a tutorial for my jellyfish nails, so here's a pictorial! Hopefully it makes sense! :)

Begin by choosing some acrylic paints for your nail art. These will be the bubbles on your nails. When you've chosen your acrylic paints, choose your base color and polish it on to opacity. I did two coats of ellagee's Little Blue Box for my base:

Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

When your base is pretty dry, put a blob of acrylic paint into a small cup. I use a ramekin, but any small cup will work! Add some water in with your paint. I try to make it equal parts paint and water.

Jellyfish Nail Art Tutorial

Mix the water and paint together. I just use a dotting tool since it goes with the next step anyway. 

Jellyfish Nail Art Tutorial

The paint should be pretty watery. Using the dotting tool (or a paintbrush), blob the watered down paint onto your nail wherever you'd like your bubbles to be. I decided to do my bubbles around the edge of my nail, so that's where I placed my bubbles. 

Jellyfish Nail Art Tutorial

Allow the paint to sit for 15-30 seconds or so. The longer you let it sit, the darker your bubbles will be. When I did my neon jellyfish nails, I allowed the polish to sit for about a minute since the base color was darker. When you think you've let it sit for enough time, use a cotton swab to suck up the water. I use the pointy ones because they're easier to work with, but normal ones work well too! Just barely touch the cotton swab to the paint blob and it'll soak the water up all on its own.

Jellyfish Nail Art Tutorial

Do one paint color at a time, then move to your next color, and the next, etc., until you're happy with your jellyfish nail art! I ended up using black and white paint this time around. Make sure you top coat your art, or your bubbles will wash off in water! Hehehe! Enjoy! :)

Jellyfish Nail Art Tutorial

Jellyfish Nail Art

Jellyfish Nails

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  1. nail design beautiful and interesting, thanks for giving me a good idea of nail designs.


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