Saturday, November 15, 2014

Half Moon Nail Art

I really like the nail art I have to show you today! I think they'd make nice NYE nails, and I'm sure you can do a better job than I did of keeping your decals straight! Bahaha! 

I began with two coats of The Lights of Times Square by ellagee. Whoa, I love this polish soooo much! It's so bright and sparkly, I just can't get over its awesomeness! When TLoTS was dry, I used half moon decals by Nail Vinyls on the upper part of my ring and middle nails. As you can tell, I didn't really stick them on in the same position, but oh well! If you don't have half moon decals, you can always use hole punch reinforcers. They're basically the same thing, albeit a little more fragile. Once I had my decals on, I polished ellagee's Countdown to 2015 on, pulled the decals off, top coated the whole look, and here's how they look! Enjoy! :)

New Years Eve Nails

Half Moon Nails

New Years Eve Nail Art
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