Wednesday, November 26, 2014

smART Nail Stencils: Dolphins

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DOLPHINS! I'm really excited about this nail stencil! I LOVE dolphins, so I knew I had to try smART's dolphin stencil! However, I didn't want to just do a dolphin on my nail! I decided to do some bubble nail art along with a dolphin!

I began with two coats of Zoya Ryan. Then, I used blue acrylic paint to create the bubbles. Remember, this technique involves watering down the paint, dotting it onto your nail, then dabbing out the water with a cotton swab. I did this with blue acrylic paint that I added white to twice, creating three different shades of blue bubbles. I then top coated the bubbles and added the dolphin stencil to my ring nail. I polished over the stencil with ellagee's ELL-sa before pulling off the stencil! These nails are perfect and right up my alley! Remember, if you want to get 25% off of your stencils, use the code NOV25 until the 30th! Enjoy! :)

Bubble Nails

Bubble Nail Art

smART Stencil P003

Dolphin Nail Art


  1. That's a nice pattern. The two colors do kind of blend together here but its still pretty.

  2. That dolphin looks fantastic! Love the bubbly feel to these nails too.


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