Monday, November 3, 2014

Zoya Wishes Collection: Prim and Imogen

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Zoya's 2014 Winter Collection, Wishes, is a really gorgeous collection that seems atypical for them when it comes to a winter collection. This collection consists of a cream, two metallics, and three Ultra Pixies. I was really excited for this collection because the metallics looked gorgeous in the promo shots. I have two polishes to show you today, Prim and Imogen.

Prim was the polish I was most excited about in this collection. Her periwinkle tone was what drew me to her and I have to say, I love her! Zoya calls Prim a full coverage velvet blue metallic polish. This polish was nearly full coverage in one coat! I was really impressed. She's also easy to apply and very smooth. I was a little worried about brush stroke lines, but I was pleased to find that she wasn't as streaky as I had anticipated. This polish is really unique in my collection, so I'm really happy with this addition to the Zoya family. I did two coats of Prim, plus one coat of top coat. Prim is $9 and can be purchased online or at Ulta.

I also used Imogen in this mani, as the accent nail. Imogen is one of the Ultra Pixies from this collection. Imogen is a black base with larger and smaller silver holographic hex glitter. This polish ended up looking more shiny than I've come to expect with other Pixies. Most of them look very dry and textured, but this one almost looked wet and textured. It wasn't a bad look, just a different look! I did two coats with ample dry time between them, and no top coat. Imogen is $10 and can be purchased online of at Ulta.

I love this combination of polish, and think both of these are beautiful! Enjoy! :)

Zoya Prim

Zoya Wishes Collection

Zoya Imogen
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