Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Light Nails

{Polishes and Vinyls Used Provided for Review}

I'm really enjoying working on Christmas nail art this year! Christy from KBShimmer was kind enough to send some of her Winter Holiday nail vinyls along for me to try when she sent her winter polishes. The best part about these vinyls is that you get a variety of decals on each sheet, so you aren't limited to just one design. I immediately fell in love with the string of lights vinyls. Those are the ones I will be showing you today! At $5 per sheet, they're totally affordable!

I began with a base of an exclusive silver by ellagee. When that was dry, I stuck the vinyls on and polished KBShimmer's Eclipse, a black cream, over them. I pulled the vinyls off immediately after, leaving me with a silver trail of lights. I then used ellagee's Glass jelly polishes and a dotting tool to dab color onto the bulbs. Top coat sealed in this festive look! Enjoy! :)

Christmas Nails

Christmas Nail Art

KBShimmer Winter Holiday Vinyls
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