Monday, December 22, 2014

Hanukkah Nails

Happy Hanukkah to those who are currently celebrating! Hanukkah is coming to an end in just two days, so I wanted to share some Hanukkah nails I did before then. I decided to do a many-shades-of-blue water marble!

Square Hue is one of my favorite polishes for water marbling. Their creams work like a dream, and I've consistently had awesome luck with them. So, I went through my Square Hue collection, chose a bunch of different blue creams, and got to work. The white in the marble is China Glaze White on White. The rest are all Square Hues in a variety of blue shades. 

*If you don't know how to water marble, there are a ton of great You Tube videos on it that do a far better job of showing it to you! Much better than me trying to explain it.*

  When I was all done and cleaned up (which took forever and a day because I was out of tape! UGH!), I added some complimentary dots to my nails using the same polishes used in the marble! Finally, I added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to add some fabulous sparkle to the whole look! I love how these turned out, though I was feeling frustrated halfway through for some reason. At any rate, I'm more than pleased with them! Don't tell the others, but the pinkie nail is my favorite...shhhh! Happy Hanukkah, and Enjoy! :)

Hanukkah Nails

Hanukkah Nail Art

Chanukah Nails
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