Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve Nails

Happy {nearly} New Year! I usually like to do a few sets of NYE nails, but I feel like my vacation time has been a whirlwind this year! The good news is, we're getting in a lot of time with family and friends! The bad news is, my nail art is being neglected. Worth it though! :)

For these NYE nails, I began with one coat of Zoya Ryan, followed by two coats of a custom polish by ellagee. The custom is a sheer, shimmery blue. Once that was dry (thank you, Glass top coat!), I added smART stencils "Big Teeth" diagonally on each nail. If you haven't used these stencils yet, you are definitely missing out. They are, in a word, amazing. When I had the stencils secure, I used ellagee's Angelic to polish over them. Holy crap on a cracker, this silver polish is crazy awesome. It *may* have even replaced OPI Radiance as my go-to silver polish! Not only is it amazinly opaque, it also has flecks of pink in it! Subtle, but beautiful! After I polished Angelic on the stencils, I pulled them off immediately. One coat of the flakie top coat Sky by ellagee, and I was ready to party till it's 2015! Sky is a limited edition polish, so if you think she's as pretty as I do, you'll need to go snap her up immediately! Check out the flakie shift, especially in the last photograph! Enjoy! :)

New Year's Eve Nails

New Year's Eve Nail Art

NYE Nails

NYE Nail Art
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