Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wreath Nails

I ended up loving these nails way more than I thought I would! I was doing these quickly and they ended up being so festive that they inspired me to scrap my Doctor Who nails and go with something more Christmas-y for Christmas day!

I began with two coats of Zoya Taylor, a perfectly nude polish that matched my skin tone best. And yes, I did have four nude polishes side-by-side on my hand to compare, hahaha! I then used my thin nail art brush to brush short polish strokes over Taylor in a semicircle shape around my nails. The greens I used are all by Zoya: Hunter, Chita, Veruschka, and Logan. When that was finished, I added some holly leaves by You Polish to the wreath, then dotted some berries on using Bellaluna Enchanted Woodlands. Enjoy! :)

Wreath Nails

Wreath Nail Art

Christmas Nails
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