Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gold Waterfall

I haven't done any waterfall nails in a really long time, so I decided it was time to do them again! I love waterfall nails because they look awesome and they're pretty easy to do. They key to waterfall nails is to use a light touch, and don't get too caught up with perfection. Just let the polish go where it may! :)

Ok, so I started with two coats of Zoya Hunter, and really great deep green cream polish. Then, using a variety of golds and greens, I created the waterfall design. For the waterfall, I blob one color at a time onto paper. Then, using a thin nail art brush and a light touch, I polish on thin wisps of that color on each nail. I usually do 3-4 wisps per nail of each color. Then I move on to the next color. I typically do 4-6 colors total for the waterfall portion. If I get done with all of the colors and I have extra space still, then I just go back through with some already used colors and fill it in.

For this waterfall, I used ellagee's KACHOW!, I Wish You Peace, and Whoever Has the Gold Makes the Rules. I also used Zoya Ziv and Rikki. When the waterfall was done, I added one coat of ellagee's Glass top coat and that's that! What colors would you do in a waterfall mani? Enjoy! :)

Waterfall Nail Art

Waterfall Nails

Waterfall Nails
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