Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Polished Bookworms: Big Little Lies

So if there's one thing I love as much as nail polish, it's reading. Aside from being a teacher, which practically requires a love of literature, I've always loved books as long as I can remember. An avid reader since a young age, I was thrilled when a fellow blogger began The Polished Bookworms group on Facebook. The group just started this month, so this is our first book post!

Here's how the group works: we choose a book and (shocker!) read it! Then we get to discuss it about two weeks before the end of the month, AND create a mani based on the book! Our first choice, from the fiction genre, was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I LOVE dystopian fiction, so this book was totally out of my usual realm. Let me just say that this book was AMAZING. I loved every single moment, and Liane is a fabulous writer. I read it in two days...I practically stayed in bed and didn't sleep for two days straight! :P Twists, turns, everything keeps you guessing, and WHOA! bombshells. In short, the book starts with a murder investigation (but you don't know whose), and then goes back a few months to give you the backstories leading up to the murder. If you love to read fiction, you should definitely check it out. 

Ok, onto the nails. I didn't dig deep for inspiration because, well, look at that book cover:

A shattering lollipop?! Totally awesome. Of course, I went to water marbling for this one. I used China Glaze White on White (white), Square Hue Flower Power (green), and Pipedream's On the List (pink), All In (blue), and V.I.P. Pass (purple). The green didn't show up in my pinkie and ring nails for some reason, so I changed the pattern of the bullseye for my next two nails and finally got it! Yay! Do you like to read? What's your favorite genre? Any recommendations for me? I highly recommend The Giver, which is my favorite book of all time. But don't watch the movie. It's absolutely horrendous. Instead, just read the other three books in The Giver quadrilogy. :) The Polished Bookworms are reading The Maze Runner next, which has been on my list for over a year! Color me ecstatic! Enjoy! :)

Water Marbled Nails

Water Marbled Nail Art

Big Little Lies Nail Art


  1. Your water marble is fantastic! Makes me want to give them another try.

  2. I love this!! Such a great representation of the lollipop via watermarble!

  3. Thanks, Lisa! You definitely should give them another try! It's really all about the nail polish. :)

  4. I just joined the group because: books + polishes = ♥

  5. This came out beautiful. .The colors look pretty together

  6. This is amazing. I just adore the colour combination, and your source of inspiration as well. I'm a bookworm, too, and my favourite writers are Clive Cussler and Kathy Reichs. Just love Clive's adventure thrillers, and everyone knows Kathy Reichs', as she is the writer of the "Bones" books, on which the TV Series "Bones" is supposedly based, but if you expect the same stories and locale/personnel as in the series, you'll be terribly disappointed, because the only similarity between the Temperance Brennan in the books and the one in the TV series is their job

  7. Where to start? I chose this book because I wanted a lighter read. It's not a dark book at all but it did surprise me. It's about ordinary people who could live in your neighborhood. The characters show the reader that the way we present ourselves, the way others see us, and the lies we believe or perpetuate make a serious impact on our relationships and with our kids and their relationships. The end was a complete surprise. I'm looking forward to reading more of this author!

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