Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Easy Nail Art Clean-Up

I've been noticing people using a variety of products to make clean-up easier when doing nail art. Of course, this interested me because I do quite a bit of nail art, and clean-up is a pain in the butt. I did some research and discovered that most of these glue-like peel off products were really expensive! Ranging anywhere from $8.50 to $22 for a mascara sized bottle, I just wasn't willing to shell out that much money for a task I could complete with some polish remover, cotton swabs, and elbow grease.

Then, someone mentioned something about liquid latex paint in a group I'm in on Facebook. I decided to try it and ended up paying $11 for 4 ounces of this latex paint on Amazon. Much better than $22 for less than an ounce! I was pretty thrilled with the find, and I'm happy to report that it works perfectly! Unfortunately, if you're allergic to latex, you're going to need to pass on this purchase! Also, if you don't have the ability to purchase online, I've been told that Halloween shops or adults-only stores are the only places to find this type of paint. :P

Ready to see it in action? Begin by painting the latex paint all around your nail. When I'm doing a gradient, I only paint it around the top and sides of my nail. For this post, I was doing a water marble, so I painted it all over my finger from the knuckle above my nail and down. I usually do two or three nails at a time, let it dry, then begin my nail art. It dries quickly, but I give it a minute or two just to be sure. Be careful not to get it on your nail. If you do, gently scrape it off before doing your art to prevent your nail art from being pulled off with the paint. *That's white polish on my nails, not paint. The paint is only on my skin.*

Easy Nail Art Clean Up

When the paint is dry, go about doing your nail art! I water marbled, as you can see below. All of that paint would have been on my skin! What a clean-up nightmare! 

Water Marble Clean Up

When I'm done with my art, I use nail clippers to make a little slice mark in the paint, as you can see below. Then I pull it off using tweezers! If I'm just using the paint around the top and sides of my nails, I simply pull it off without slicing it with nail clippers.

Easy Nail Art Clean Up

Viola! You can see my nice clean skin with my latex paint in the background! Totally worth it! Enjoy! :)

Easy Nail Art Clean Up
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