Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ellagee Water Marble

OHMIGOSH! I am so thrilled to show you this water marble today! I have been obsessed with water marbling since the whole latex paint guard came on the scene. I just love it, and if I had unlimited time, it's the only kind of nail art I would do. I was perusing my stash the other day and decided to give water marbling a shot with some of my ellagee creams. The result was, well, nothing short of WOW. I'm thrilled to say that ellagee creams water marble beautifully! BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLY! There are no words to describe my excitement when I finished these, hahaha!

I began with two coats of ellagee Wrapped in Ribbon, a lightly shimmer white cream. When that was dry, I polished Lickety Split Mani Mask all around my nails and up to my first finger knuckle. I then used Wrapped in Ribbon, Little Blue Box (the Tiffany blue), and an unreleased beauty called Awesome Heather (hmmmm, wonder who that's named after...hahaha!) to create my water marbled design. I topped the whole look with a really gorgeous unreleased topper by ellagee. Don't worry, I think I have Laura convinved to release this topper and Awesome Heather soon! Ready to see how it turned out? YEAH YOU ARE! Enjoy! :) 

ellagee Water Marble

Water Marbled Nails

Water Marbled Nail Art

Water Marble Nails


  1. Oh this is just so pretty, Heather! I love these colours ... the topper is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more of your namesake polish :)

  2. These are so pretty! The flakies on top is such a nice touch.


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