Sunday, February 15, 2015

Indie Spotlight: Half-Price Candy Day Duo

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Happy Half-Price Candy Day! ellagee and Digital Nails have teamed up again, this time to bring you a fabulous, sweet themed duo! These polishes were inspired by half-price candy sales that always happen the day after Valentine's Day! This duo totally reminds me of pastel colored Sweethearts candy! 

Digital Nails has created I Chews You, a bubblegum pink cream with aqua shimmer. This polish is so gorgeous! I mean, I love of great pink polish, but the shimmer steps this up a notch and WOW is this baby a stunner! I did three thin coats for opacity, but two normal coats would've sufficed. 

ellagee's contribution is Secret Sugar Stash, a glitter topper with a mix of pastel and white matte glitter along with the same aqua shimmer from I Chews You. I did two coats of this polish and it looked perfect over I Chews You! I didn't polish it on my ring nail, but instead stamped Xs and Os on it! This duo can be purchased from ellagee and Digital Nails for $20 (which includes shipping), while supplies last! Enjoy! :)

Digital Nails I Chews You

ellagee Secret Sugar Stash

Half-Priced Candy Nail Polish
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