Thursday, February 12, 2015

Zoya Naturel Satins

{Press Sample}

Ready for some perfect-for-work satin polishes from Zoya?! Their new Naturel Satin Collection is really pretty, the perfect finish, and a great addition to professional attire. Or just wear them because they're so awesome! :)

These neutral creams finish with a satin-y look. It's not shiny, but not quite matte. It's like a muted sheen...if that even makes sense, hahaha! Maybe eggshell? However you'd describe it, I wasn't expecting it but was really excited about it! I did three thin coats for each swatch, no top coat. These dry fairly quickly, just like matte polishes, which is fabulous! I recommend letting the first coat dry well to prevent dragging on the second and/or third coats. These were all easy to work with! I really love them, but now I have to figure out how to do some nail art with them! :P Enjoy! :)

Zoya Naturel Satin Collection

Ana, a light toasted almond color:

Zoya Ana

Brittany, a rose mauve cream:

Zoya Brittany

Leah, a lavender taupe shade:

Zoya Leah

Rowan, a creamy suede taupe:

Zoya Rowan

Sage, a mossy sage green tone:

Zoya Sage

Tove, a slate grey polish:

Zoya Tove
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