Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Polished Bookworms: Gone Girl

Remember my Big Little Lies nails from January? I have my next set inspired by a book for you today! No, no, I didn't skip a month of reading for The Polished Bookworms group...the end of February just ended up consisting of what can only be described as insanity, and I just plain ol' ran out of time! However, we read Maze Runner last month, which I did enjoy. I'm looking forward to the other two in the series next time free time finds its way into my life!

This month we read Gone Girl, which I'm sure many of you have heard of, or at least seen the movie! Though I did find it a bit...disturbing...I really liked it! It was well written and kept me wanting to read more, probably because it was so insane! I'm going to try not to spoil it with my mani, so I am going to vague with the description. 

I ended up being inspired by an antifreeze cocktail that Amy talks about in the book. I began with two coats of KBShimmer's Eyes White Open. When that was dry, I sponged on Pipedream Polish's High Roller to create the gradient. Finally, I added one coat of ellagee's Designated Driver to give the cocktail some fizz! :) 

Have you ever read Gone Girl? What did you think of it? I'm also hoping to read The Girl on the Train soon, which I've heard has a similar story line as Gone Girl. Enjoy! :)

Gone Girl Nails

Gone Girl Nail Art

The Polished Bookworms
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