Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jelly Sandwiched Stickers

{Press Sample Stickers}

I have some more stickers from Born Pretty Store to show you today! This set of stickers is white, and they come on a huge sheet with a ton of designs just like the silver ones I showed you the other day! This set is $6.20 and definitely worth the cost. 

I began with two coats of Zoya Paloma, a gorgeous raspberry jelly polish. I then added some swirl stickers to the tips of all of my nails except for my accent nail. One that nail, I added a smile sticker. These stickers easily pull off the sheet and stick to your nail. Once I had all of the stickers on, I did one coat of ellagee's Rainbow Syrup to add some holo awesomeness. Next, I sandwiched it all in with another coat of Paloma, which is why the white decals are tinted pink. Finally, I completed the look with one coat of top coat! Enjoy! :)  

Zoya Paloma

Born Pretty Store White Stickers

Born Pretty Store White Stickers
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