Sunday, May 17, 2015

ellagee Neon Toppers

{Press Sample}

Remember all of those awesome cream collections ellagee released last week? Yesterday she released a ten polish neon glitter topper collection! I attempted to showcase all of them over a black and white gradient, but time was not on my side, so some are shown over just black and white nails. For each of these I did two thin coats of each glitter. A little fishing was required, but only because I like the brush to have a lot of glitter on it so I don't have to do any/much glitter placement. These polishes are all available now from ellagee for $10 each, or you can get the entire collection of ten polishes for $90! Enjoy! :)

Afternoon Delight:

 Bubble Up:

 Butterfly Kisses:

 Flutterby Garden:


 Melon Balls:

Mickey Cupcakes:

Sea Dancers:

Summer Love:

Summer Morning:

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