Monday, May 25, 2015

Indie Spotlight: ellagee's Some Gave All

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To all of my American friends, I hope you're spending the day enjoy your freedom! This day is always very humbling for me, thinking about how much so many Americans sacrificed so that we would have freedom. I can live where I want, choose my own career, marry whom I like, and sit here and share nail polish with all of you because of their sacrifices. 

In honor of Memorial Day, Laura of ellagee has released Some Gave All, a gorgeous glitter bomb similar to her previous releases of BOOM! and KACHOW! This clear base has a ton of silver pewter holo micro glitter interspersed with red, white, and silver holo hexes andv mini holo stars. I did three thin coats for the opacity you see, and I am not wearing any undies on my nails! This beauty is $10.50, and is also included in Laura's Memorial Day sale, which ends today! Enjoy! :)

ellagee Some Gave All

ellagee Some Gave All

ellagee Some Gave All 

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