Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sparkly Neon Nail Art

Ready for some neon awesomeness today?! I recently went to visit some friends in California, and I knew I wanted to rock some sparkly nails with a neon flair while I was there!

I began with two coats of ellagee's BOOM! on all of my nails except for my accent nail. My ring nail has the pewter twin of BOOM! on it, but I don't believe it was ever released by ellagee. After BOOM! was dry, I used Pipedream Polish's ANIVC collection and a nail art brush to brush on small, horizontal lines on each nail. One coat of top coat and I was ready for a week in the sun! Enjoy! :)

Neon Nail Art

Neon Nails

Neon Nails
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