Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bleached Neon Water Marble

{Polishes Used Were Press Sample}

I've been bitten by the water marbling bug lately! I just want to WATER MARBLE ALL THE THINGS! For quite some time, I was swamped with a ton of polishes to swatch. Now that I'm less overwhelmed, I get the itch to marble every single time I sit down at my desk. I have loads of stamps and vinyl decals ripe for the using, but no, marbling has been calling to me. Probably because lately I have so many polishes that work so well for marbling! I'm so impressed with ellagee's Bleached Neons Collection that I just want to wear those all day, every day. I used them for my marble today!

I began with two coats of a white polish as my undies. Then, I used Beach Bum (peach), By The Sea (teal), and Salty Breeze (purple) for the marbling. I always seem to use the floral-ish design, so this time I went with something new I had never seen done before. The results, well, I'm pretty much in love with them! One coat of top coat and my look was complete! Plan on seeing many, many more marbles using these polishes soon! Enjoy! :)

Water Marble

Summer Water Marble

Summer Water Marble
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