Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flower Blobbicure

Ready for a break from water marbles? Hehehe! I have a fun blobbicure for you today! Remember, blobbicures are when you polish a thick layer of polish and then blob polish onto it while it's still wet. Since you're blobbing it onto wet polish, it'll spread and look almost like a mosaic! It's pretty awesome!

Anyway, I used all ellagee polishes for this blobbicure. I polished Salty Breeze on my pinkie, middle, and index nails. By the Sea is the base for my ring nail. I polished one coat of polish on each nail. Then, I worked with one nail at a time. For example, I polished a really thick coat of Salty Breeze on my index nail. I then immediately blobbed on By the Sea in a flower shape, finishing with a blob of She Sells Seashells in the middle. Then I moved on to the next nail. You can blob with the brush itself, but I prefer to drop the polish onto paper, and then use a dotting tool to blob the polish on. It makes the blobs more uniform, in my opinion. Enjoy! :)


Flower Blobbicure

Flower Nail Art
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