Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Indie Spotlight: ellagee's Alexandrite Duo

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I apologize for my absence lately! I have a lot of really exciting things happening right now in my life, and it has kept me away from the blog. If my appearance becomes more sporadic over the next few months, fear not! I am alive, well, and happily busy! I'm going to try to keep up my normal posting as much as possible! :) And no, I'm not pregnant. :P

Ok June babies, are you ready for your birthstone duo from ellagee? Alexandrite is a lovely pale lilac purple that Laura captured perfectly. These polishes are $10 each, or you can buy the duo for $18.

Glimmering Alexandrite is a medium lilac polish with pink shimmer. I did two regular coats of polish for the opacity you see below. I love the shimmer in this polish! It's absolute perfection!

ellagee Glimmering Alexandrite

ellagee Glimmering Alexandrite

Crushed Alexandrite compliments Glimmering Alexandrite so well! It's a clear base with metallic and holo lavender glitters. I used one coat and created a gradient with it over Glimmering Alexandrite. Enjoy! :)

ellagee Crushed Alexandrite

ellagee Crushed Alexandrite

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