Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pastel Water Marble

Alright, back to water marbles! I hope you don't mind my obsession lately! It's just the easiest form of nail art for me, and my creative mind hasn't been working for well lately otherwise! Today's water marble features the classic flower shape. 

All polishes used for this marble are made by ellagee. I began with a base of two coats of Platinum. Then I used Forgetful Lucy (pink), Wrapped in Ribbon (white), and an early version of Salty Breeze, which was actually more lilac in color. I held the bottle for the polishes so you could see its coloring. The lilac polish is the hardest one to pick up in the marble itself, but I love how soft and feminine this marble turned out! Enjoy! :)

Water Marble

Water Marbling

Water Marbled Nails
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