Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Neon Watermarble

Water marble time! At this point, I know you guys don't need a lot of details. I water marbled Pipedream's A Night in Vegas polishes On The List, Happy Hour, and VIP List to create the neon brightness you see below! I know these polishes are hard to get your hands on, but DO IT if you have the opportunity! Enjoy! :)

Neon Water Marble

Neon Water Marble

Water Marble


  1. Wow ... that is one eye-popping watermarble! Fabulous as always! :)

  2. This is gorgeous, but I am unable to get the polishes you mention, unfortunately. Could you tell me which colour you used for the base, and did you only use three polishes - the pink, purple and light blue, or did you use 4, please?

    1. The base is ellagee's Platinum! The other three I used are mentioned in the post. Thanks!


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