Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sponged Pastel Nails

ellagee's newest cream collection (Sun-Bleached Neons) has captured my heart completely. It's so hard to use any other polish with these beauties staring at me from their special location on my desk. I don't even put them away because I use them so frequently! 

For these nails I began with two coats of ellagee's Platinum. She is not a member of the neon collection, but she is just as amazing as far as cream polishes go. When Platinum was dry, I polished the end of a makeup sponge with random blobs of Toes in the Sand (pink), Beach Bum (peach), Snoozing in the Hammock (periwinkle), Salty Breeze (purple), She Sells Seashells (yellow), and Seaside Cottage (green). Once the blobs were on the sponge, I dabbed and rolled the sponge over my nails. I finished these beauties with one coat of that still unreleased ellagee topper that I love so much! She's going to have to name is Heather's Favorite when she finally does release it! ;P Enjoy! :)

Sponged Nail Art

Sponged Nails

Summer Nail Art
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