Monday, August 24, 2015

Zoya Focus & Flair

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I don't know about you, but I'm not quite ready to admit that Fall is right around the corner. However, with Fall collections coming out like crazy, it's hard to keep up the denial! There has even been a limited nip in the air here in the Midwest...yikes! That means school will be started so, so soon! That being said, I recently took a new job, so I've been insanely busy! It's only going to get worse as school draws nearer, so fear not if I'm MIA for a bit. :)

That being said, I have Zoya's Fall 2015 Collections to share with you today! The collections are called Focus and Flair. The Focus Collection is full of highly pigmented cream polishes. Most of these could've been one coaters, but that always makes me nervous. Their opacity scared me! :P The Flair Collection is jewel toned liquid metal polishes that were so very eye catching. While I think these polishes continue to be flawless in true Zoya tradition, these collections were underwhelming when compared to last year's Entice and Ignite Collections. Don't get me wrong, these polishes are really gorgeous. They just aren't really "outside of the box" when it comes to Fall collections. However, their formula is so perfect that if you've been looking for any of these colors, you should definitely pick them up at your local Ulta, or order them online! They are $54 per collection, $9 each, or $30 for a mini collection! I've never seen them offer the mini collection before, so that's pretty cool!

Ok, let's begin! Like most of Zoya's collections, one polish from each collection pairs nicely with a polish from the other collection. Therefore, I paired them up for the swatches. The Focus polishes are on my index and middle fingers, and the Flair polishes are on my ring and pinkie nails. Each photograph shows two coats of each polish, followed by one coat of top coat. Every single one of these polishes could have been fully opaque in one coat though. It depends on your comfort level, and how thick your coats of polish are! Enjoy! :)

Charli (cream) and Tris (metallic):

Zoya Charli

Zoya Tris

Zoya Lidia (cream) and Giada (metallic):

Zoya Lidia

Zoya Giada

Zoya Sia (cream) and Estelle (metallic):

Zoya Sia

Zoya Estelle

Zoya Hannah (cream) and Ember (metallic):

Zoya Hannah

Zoya Ember

Zoya Desiree (cream) and Cinnamon (metallic):

Zoya Desiree

Zoya Cinnamon

Aggie didn't really pair well with any other polishes in my opinion, so I paired her with the previously used Desiree.

Zoya Desiree (cream) and Aggie (metallic):

Zoya Desiree

Zoya Aggie

Zoya Hannah and Janel look very similar in the bottle, so I chose to swatch them side-by-side so you could see the difference! Hannah has more of an orange tone, while Janel is more of a cherry red. 

Zoya Hannah (index and middle nails) and Janel (ring and pinkie nails):

Zoya Hannah

Zoya Janel
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