Monday, December 21, 2015

Indie Spotlight: KBShimmer's Winter 2015 Collection

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I'm really excited to share some of KBShimmer's Winter 2015 Collection with you guys today! As always, Christy hasn't failed to impress with this collection! This collection has a great variety of glitter crellies, holos, glitter toppers, and creams! The prices range from $7.50 for the creams to $8.75 for everything else. Ready to see these beauties?

Brrr-tiful Dreamer, a glitter crelly, is a grey-ish grape base crelly base with aqua, silver, fuchsia, and purple glitters! I did three thin coats for these photos, but I could have easily done two regular coats and achieved the same opacity! 

KBShimmer Brrr-tiful Dreamer

KBShimmer Brrr-tiful Dreamer

Next up are two stunning holos! Claws and Effect is a dark purple/navy-ish holo with blue/pink shifting glass flakes. Fleece Navidad is a light grey holo with blue microflakes. I did two coats of each of these, and they are so gorgeous! I love them both, but Claws and Effect is definitely my favorite!

KBShimmer Claws and Effect

KBShimmer Fleece Navidad

For Fox Sake is one of my favorites of this collection, but I just LOVE creams! This reddish-orange cream really screams CORAL to me! It's gorgeous and smooth like buttah! I did two coats for the opacity you see below! 

KBShimmer For Fox Sake

KBShimmer For Fox Sake

Yule Worthy is a burgundy-leaning chocolate brown polish with micro metallic flakes. This polish is really unique and beautiful! I love how the flakies make this polish look! I did two coats!

KBShimmer Yule Worthy

KBShimmer Yule Worthy

My next favorite from this collection is Chilly Pepper, a perfect Christmas red cream polish! It goes perfectly with Kind of a Big Dill, a deep green jelly base with silver micro and small holographic glitter. This was named after pickle ornaments some people put on their Christmas trees! Mr. IFP and I have two pickles on our tree! :) Enjoy! :)

KBShimmer Chilly Pepper

KBShimmer Kind of a Big Dill

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