Friday, June 17, 2016

Nail Polish Leggings!

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I have a post for you today that is out of the ordinary for me! Laura from ellagee has recently added leggings to her shop, and I just HAD to try them out! I mean, come on, nail polish leggings? HECK YES! So, that's what I have photos of for you today. Please remember, I am not a model and Mr. IFP had to take the photos. Be kind. :)

These leggings are made of 86% polyester and 14% spandex. The fabric is super soft and stretchy. They are NOT fleece lined, so they'd be great year-round! They are also so comfortable that you could wear them out and about, or simply snuggle on the couch all day in them. The waistband is elastic and sewn into the leggings so it's covered with the same soft fabric as the rest of the leggings. My favorite part about these is the opacity. You never know with leggings how opaque they're going to be. These are as opaque as possible. Even when I put my hand in them and stretched them out as far as I could, I still couldn't see through them. Also, when I stretched them, the design held up well, as you'll see in the last two pictures. Additionally, these are not shiny. The color is very bright without having that weird shine to them that some cheaply made leggings can have. As an added bonus, these leggings are printed, cut, and sewn in good ol' California! 

The leggings are currently available in sizes XS-XL. Here's the sizing info:

XS-Waist 25", Hip 35"
S-Waist 28", Hip 38"
M-Waist 30", Hip 41"
L-Waist 35", Hip 45"
XL-Waist 37", Hip 49"

I typically wear a size 0-2 and since I didn't have a tape measure handy to measure my waist and hips, I went for the small (that's the size I wear in leggings). They fit exactly as I expected them to. Someone that's one size smaller or larger than I am could easily wear them as well because of the stretch and comfy fabric. 

ellagee has these leggings in her shop for $39, along with three other designs. Totally worth the price for a quality pair of leggings. She is also working on getting plus sizes, so hopefully those will be added soon! This link will take you to all of ellagee's printed goodies, and this link will take you directly to the leggings I have on in the photographs! Enjoy! :) 

Nail Polish Leggings

Nail Polish Leggings

Nail Polish Leggings

Nail Polish Leggings

Nail Polish Leggings
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