Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

I saw a neat idea on Pinterest the other day. After some link following and researching, I think the idea originated with Kiss My Acetone, who used tape in her method. Anyways, I just loved the idea of this manicure because a lot of people dislike Valentine's Day. These nails seemed perfect for someone who might want to be festive but also show their dislike! :) I don't mind Valentine's Day but Mr. I Feel Polished and I do not celebrate it so this would work for me perfectly! 

I began by polishing clear coat onto a plastic baggie. Once that was dry, I polished OPI Pink Shatter, Black Shatter, and White Shatter onto the clear coat. I know, I know, SHATTER. CRACKLE. BLASPHEMY. Bear with me, I promise it's cool! Once the shatter was dry, I folded the bag down the middle of each crackle square and cut it into a heart shape, 1st grade style. :) Then, I polished my pointer and pinkie nails with Zoya Purity. My ring nail is Zoya Maya and my middle nail is Zoya Raven. Finally, I stuck complementary shatter hearts onto my already polished nails. And viola! A festive, yet broken hearted rendition of Valentine's Day nails! Enjoy! :)

P.S. You can attempt to peel the shatter hearts off of the baggie. This will leave less obvious lines around the edges of your hearts. I, however, was worried I would rip the hearts, so I just let them be. :)

Valentine Nails

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Valentine's Day Nails
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