Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July Nails!

Fourth of July is my absolute favorite holiday! I love fireworks and spending time with my family and friends barbecuing and going out on the boat! Such a fun time! :) I knew I wanted to do some awesome nails, but there are so many ideas out there, it left my head spinning. I settled on my favorite type of nail art design...a gradient! I made it a little more unique by adding holographic stars. 

I started by polishing my accent nail with two coats of OPI DS Coronation. While I waited for that to dry completely, I polished my other nails with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. When I was sure Coronation was completely dry, I used my star hole punch (yay, being a teacher!) to punch stars out of tape. I knew this might be difficult, so I stuck the tape to some sticker paper and then just punched the stars out. Then, I just peeled the tape stars off of the paper and stuck them to my nails! After that, I polished one coat of Alpine Snow on top because I was worried about how the gradient would look over Coronation.

Once Alpine Snow was dry, I got my sponge ready. I just polished Alpine Snow in the middle, Zoya Sooki on top, and OPI DS Magic on the bottom. Here were my tools and what the sponge looked like:

I sponged all of my nails. I did wrap my tips with Alpine Snow beforehand, but the Magic ended up wrapping them on its own! :) Once I polished my accent nail, I used tweezers to pull the star tape off. It ended up turning out pretty well, but I think I'll try to make star polish decals with the baggie method next time. I was worried the star punch would be too harsh with the fragile nail polish pieces though. They turned out really well! I love them! I did them early so I'd have time to post about them. I may end up doing them again before the 4th...if I get my Julep Maven order in time! ;) Anyways, onto the nails! These pictures were taken indoors on a sunny day! Oh, and don't forget to give me a "like" on Facebook! Enjoy! :)

Fourth of July Nails

4th of July Nails

4th of July Nails

Fourth of July Mani

4th of July Mani

Nail Gradient How To

My wrapped tips, thanks to the sponge! :)

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