Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Nails: Googly Eyes

This may be the first year I don't absolutely hate Halloween. I worked at a Halloween specialty store in Hell (it's a real place, look it up, lol!) for five years and it truly made me hate Halloween. Halloween day after day really gets annoying. However, planning Halloween nails has been a lot of fun! So, I may be able to get onboard with Halloween this year! Not too much though, baby steps... :) 

To begin my Halloween nails this month, I did these adorable googly eye nails! I used two coats of OPI Black Onyx. Once my nails were dry, I used my largest dotting tool and Julep Kate to create white eyes. I then used Black Onyx and a smaller dotting tool to make pupils. These turned out really cute! I'd love to try them again with a glow in the dark top coat over the white. Enjoy! :)

Googly Eye Nails

Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails

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