Saturday, June 22, 2013

Native American Inspired Nails

I wasn't sure what to call these nails, but they kind of remind me of turquoise and coral jewelry, so I guess we can say that they are Native American inspired? 

Anyway, I began with two coats of Square Hue Lincoln Road. 

Square Hue Lincoln Road

I then polished one coat of Models Own Indian Ocean on top. I am honestly convinced that Indian Ocean is one of the best polishes ever. It transforms any cream polish into something simply amazing. Seriously:

Square Hue Lincoln Road

Models Own Indian Ocean

Gorgeous, right? I then played around with striping tape and found a design I liked. Then, I polished Ocean Drive over the tape on every nail except for my accent nail. I used Collins Avenue on that accent. Finally, I added some complementary dots with my dotting tool! Enjoy! :)

Square Hue June 2013

Native American Inspired Nails

Native American Nails

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