Monday, August 26, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Strips

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I was recently contacted by Incoco and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their product. I have never used nail polish strips of any kind before but I figured it would be good to try and show you guys! 

Nail polish strips are a wonderful way for people who aren't great at nail art to have artsy or perfect nails with minimal work! The Incoco strips are made of real polish, complete with a base and top coat. So it really is stick it and go! Each set comes with many sizes to choose from and they say they can last 14 days. You simply peel it, choose the side that matches your cuticle line shape, peel the backing off, and stick it on your nail! You can pull it off, move it, stick it down again, etc. until you're happy with the placement! Then, you just rub it well, file off the end, and viola! You're done! 

These really are great for people who are short on time and want great looking nails! For me, it was weird though, hahaha! First of all, my friends and family literally gasped when I said I was wearing nail polish strips since I always do my own art! Second, they took the same amount of time for me to put on that it normally takes for me to polish my nails, but I have a lot of practice and can polish fairly quickly! I also found that I HAD to put top coat on them. They were too thin for my liking and the cuticle area started to peel a day or so after application.

 Here are the pros and cons:

*Easy to use
*No mess
*Can stretch to fit
*Two ended strips to conform to different cuticle lines
*Enough sizes to choose from for all of your nails
*Nail art with minimal work
*Super easy removal with polish remover
*At $8.99, they are cheaper than a salon manicure
*Moveable to find the perfect placing

*Needed additional top coat, in my opinion
*Rip if you stretch too violently (Hahaha!)
*Didn't last the claimed 14 days-I got 3 days out of them

If you struggle with clean polish application or nail art, these are perfect for you! I really liked the design and the ease of use! Enjoy! :)

Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review

Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review

Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review
(The weird fit on my nails was simply user error. There are plenty of sizes, I just didn't choose well as this was my first time using these! Hehehe!)
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